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The Affect That Weather Can Have On Locks

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If you’re experiencing problems with your locks, it might surprise you to find out that it could be due to a change in the weather. Yes, the weather. You might think there is a problem with your key when in reality it is your lock that has the problem. There are various reasons you could be experiencing a problem with your locks. Your locks may be damaged by using the wrong key or because of an attempted break-in. When the weather begins to change, you might start to find that some of your locks have become a lot more difficult to open. Here is why………..

The Result of Hot Weather on Locks

One of the most commonly known complaints in the warmer months of the year is that their door is jammed. This means that the lock will open in one direction. This typically happens on exterior doors. The warmer temperatures make the doorframe expand. If you have a deadbolt lock on the door, the problem will get worse as the door continues to expand. This makes it almost impossible for you to unlock the lock. If you have wooden doors, you’ll likely experience this problem at some point. It doesn’t generally occur with steel doors. Wood easily expands thus causing all sorts of problems with locks.

The Result of Cold Weather on Locks

Our locksmith technicians at Ames Locksmith Service in Elgin, IL seem to experience more calls about lock problems during the colder seasons than any other time of the year. Most lock problems happen once the temperature is below freezing. Instead of expanding, the door actually contracts. This means that you’ll notice a problem with the door and the lock. The first sign of a problem is when the key will no longer turn whether you are locking or unlocking a door. You don’t need a new key since the problem isn’t the key rather it is the lock that is contracting. If you pull the lock and re-align it with the frame, it is possible to get the lock to turn. This is merely a temporary fix not a permanent solution. Rather than simply continuing to maneuver the door lock, call a professional locksmith for help.

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How The Colder Weather Affects Car Locks

You might experience problems with your locks turning inside your lock due to cold weather. That is because of the moisture inside your locks. This moisture makes it difficult for your key to work. You might try to solve the problem by warming up the key a bit before placing it inside the lock. This doesn’t always work but you’ll never know unless you try. If you’re lucky enough to actually get inside your car, sometimes the heated engine is enough to unfreeze the locks. It certainly would be to your advantage to at lease try these suggestions before contacting an Elgin, Illinois locksmith.

Prevent Lock Problems Due to Changes in Weather

You might not know just how upsetting it is to have your locks change until you are not able to turn the lock you’re attempting to open. It is possible to avoid some of the problems that occur during changes in the weather. You can start by depending on the services of a reputable locksmith who knows how to correctly install your locks. This can at least minimize the possibility of your locks changing due to changes in the weather.

Although you may like the design and style of wood doors, you can avoid problems with your door and lock by choosing another type of door. There are doors that you can have installed, which are not prone to changes due to the weather. If your door isn’t expanding or contracting, you’re less likely to notice problems with your locks. There are fewer problems with your locks due to weather changes when you have steel or fiberglass doors installed. Why create a problem by having a door that can be problematic when there are others to choose from. If it is simply the design of the door that you like, don’t worry, there are more design options now more than ever being offered. A qualified locksmith can even help you find one to fit the design of your style home.

You will seldom have a problem with your door locks if you remember to keep them lubricated. When they are lubricated, you generally do not have to worry about the changes in the weather. If the job is going to be performed correctly, you’ll need to disassemble the locks prior to lubricating them. If you’re not certain about how to do this, you can always rely on the services of a local Elgin locksmith.

Relying on the Services of a Locksmith

Rather than standing in the cold or the heat trying to determine why you can’t unlock your door, you can always count on the services of a locksmith service professional. Prior to contacting a locksmith, it might be a wise option to at least try the steps above to see if this will resolve your issue. Again, if you need someone to take your door apart to lubricate it, you can rely on a locksmith. Knowing when to rely on a locksmith is up to you but we can tell you that instead of ignoring the problem and simply getting a quick fix; do yourself a favor by relying on a locksmith who is capable of handling the job for you. They know how to quickly troubleshoot the problem and are aware of the problems you might experience with certain locks based on the weather outside. Not just any locksmith service will do when it is weather related problems. Only hire a locksmith service that is known for their effectiveness and responsiveness. This will save you any further time and frustration that you might experience. They get the results that you want to achieve.

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