Friday, February 24, 2017


Residential Locksmith

At first, it seems like a strange question. “What do you do if you are suddenly locked out?” The answer is obvious; “Call a locksmith!” If you polled 10 people on the street with that question, 9 out of 10 times they would give that answer. But, would they really call for lock professional to come and help them? Most would not; at least, not right away. They would panic first and some would call for a friend or family member to come help them. Others would attempt to break back in. Why not? It IS their own property, isn’t it? The smart money is on calling a licensed, bonded and insured locksmith in Elgin, IL and simply having him or her let them back inside safely, easily and quickly.

Why call a locksmith?

Here at Ames Locksmith Service we respond to lockout situations every day; sometimes every night, too! We’ve noticed a few of the same reasons that some people hesitate when calling for professional help. They might have had a bad experience with a lock professional in the past. They may have never worked with a locksmith and the fear of the unknown prevents them from calling one now. Maybe they were over charged once and don’t want to repeat that mistake. They might even have called for a locksmith in the past and no one showed up or was so late that it didn’t matter. There are many reasons why people hesitate to call for professional lock and key service but if you read this post and follow our advice, you’ll never have to wonder or hesitate about getting quality locksmith service again!

“I don’t need a locksmith; I can get back in just fine!”

You should NEVER break into your own property! Doing so is risky as bent metal and shattered glass can cause not only property damage but also injuries to you and whoever you are with. Is it really worth it to save on locksmith expenses but end up paying much more for doctor bills, glass replacement and property restoration? If you have a child or pet that is locked inside the house or car, that is another matter, but unless it’s a life or death situation your best overall strategy is simple and fast; call a locksmith!

Avoid getting arrested, or shot!

It happens; people get locked out and then force their way back inside. Sometimes in the process they can be mistaken as a burglar, vagrant or kidnapper and arrested, accosted and even shot. Many times a well-meaning neighbor will call police. Just as often, a family member or close associate will think that their life is in danger and “defend” the property by attacking the intruder who simply wanted to get back inside their own place! It’s not worth it folks! Not only here in Elgin, IL but anywhere else where lockouts can occur, be sure to call for professional help and play it safe!

“The police will let me back in!”

No, they won’t! Your local police department is not going to have a key to your car or home and they certainly are NOT going to pick your locks for you and usher you back inside your property as a public service! It’s hard to think straight when lockouts occur but always bear in mind that it’s vital to stay calm and follow your pre-arranged plan so that you stay safe and get back inside as soon as possible. What pre-arranged plan? The one you are going to make now!

Start here…

If you never, ever get locked out, at least you formulated a plan of action. If you do find yourself on the wrong side of a locked door, you’ll know exactly what to do to end your lockout situation as quickly as possible and at a minimum of time and expense. Start by leaving a spare key with a trusted neighbor or family member that does NOT live with you. If you get locked out, chances are that you still have your smart phone handy. Use it and call your spare key “person” to come and let you back in. If you don’t have anyone that you trust in that capacity, then hide a key where you can find it. Do NOT hide the key under the door mat or in the flower pot by the front door! A better location would be in the BBQ grill, inside a rain gutter or behind a window shutter. If you are locked out of your car try keeping a spare key in your purse, wallet or with a friend.

Call a locksmith already!

Don’t fear calling a locksmith! Even if you’ve never used one before, or had a bad experience with one previously, it just makes sense to work with a professional that can get you back inside your car or home quickly and safely. You may be wondering just whom to call? Here’s the secret; you pre-select your locksmith! That’s right; find one now, before you need their help!

Do this by calling around town and asking questions. Select a locksmith shop that is established, affordable, fast responding and available 24/7 for emergency situations. Ask about response times and notice things like how they answered the phone and how eager were they to provide answers to your questions. Are price quotes free and cheerfully given? Was the person on the other end of the telephone helpful and ready to provide answers to your questions?

Ask your friends and family members who they recommend and listen closely to their praises and concerns alike. What you are going to do is to find a locksmith shop that you feel worthy of handling your next lockout situation. Add their contact telephone number to your smart phone as well as that of your spouse, children, or significant other. If happen to get locked out, simply tap to call and a licensed, bonded and insured lockout professional will be on his way to you to let you back inside!

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