Friday, March 3, 2017

Making Sure Every Door Is Secured

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You may think that your home is safe and secure when you leave out and lock up. However, this isn’t always the case. There is one particular door that is often forgotten and this is your sliding glass door. If you have a patio, terrace or balcony, you might not consider locking it up when you leave. Since most of these types of doors are out of the view of others, it becomes a great way for a burglar to get inside without being detected. This is why it is in your best interest to double check to make sure that all of the doors in your home, including your sliding glass door, are all locked when heading out. The other thing that you may be overlooking is the fact that most of the sliding doors made today only have a lock that will keep the door shut; it doesn’t provide much security. It is up to you to secure the door with a good, solid locking mechanism. There are locks that one of our locksmiths at Ames Locksmith Service in Elgin, IL, can apply to your sliding glass door. The lock applied will help in keeping out any would-be burglar. Your security is our priority and it should also be your top priority.

Ways of Securing Your Sliding Glass Door

Connect to Your Home Alarm System

Since the sliding glass door is the door that is often overlooked by most homeowners, it is clear to see why most do not even include this door in with the other areas of the home that is connected to the homes alarm system. When you have the chance to do so, we would highly recommend that you have your sliding door connected to your alarm system. This will help alert you to anyone attempting to come inside your home without permission. If you do not have an alarm system, you should invest in one immediately.

Add a Lock

One of the most effective ways to secure your sliding door is to add another lock. The lock that comes with your sliding glass door is not strong enough to resist the pressure applied to it by most burglars. This is often why they will target your patio or terrace when trying to gain entry inside your home. You can make it difficult for them to get inside by having reinforced lock applied to the door. Don’t make it any easier than it already is for a burglar to get inside your home.

Install a Commercial Grade Lock

Commercial locks are not just for commercial businesses anymore. They can also be used on your home doors. A commercial grade lock is usually a lot more durable and made with better materials than a standard lock. A qualified locksmith in Elgin will know which types of commercial locks will be best for your type of sliding door. Consult with one today.

It is the responsibility of a locksmith to know where the most susceptible areas of your home are located so that they are able to successfully secure them. When they are attempting to break into your home, they are looking for the area of least resistance. This is why your sliding glass door is often a target of intruders.

Why the Sliding Glass Door

You may wonder what it is about the sliding glass door that makes it most appealing to a burglar, other than it usually being located toward the rear of your home. We have put together a few of the reasons that an intruder would target this door as opposed to other entryways of your home.

Poor Lock

Most sliding glass doors only have one lock on them that is usually not the best quality. Anyone can break a sliding glass door lock. They do not have to be a professional thief in order to do so. The doors are not sturdy and are susceptible to intrusion. Very little effort is required to remove the door from the tracks. This is why you should invest in a lock bar or put a bar across the tracks of the door for added security. If you want to have another lock placed on your door, consult with a professional locksmith. You do not want to place the wrong type of lock on the door that may or may not prove effective in keeping out an intruder.

Maintain Your Privacy

Since sliding glass doors let in a lot of natural sunlight, it is most appealing to homeowners. No matter how attractive this feature might be, you should keep it covered up, especially in the evenings. In the evenings, when it is dark outside and there is light on inside your home, others can see inside more easily. This can pose a serious threat to your security. By allowing others to peer inside your home, you are letting them know what valuables you have inside. An intruder is likely to break-in when they know what they can get that is of value. If you want to avoid letting a burglar know what you have inside your home, make sure you have blinds or curtains placed over your sliding glass door. Don’t give an intruder an invitation to come in and take what they want. Take steps today to avoid a break-in by coving up your sliding glass door.

Quiet Way to Enter

The sliding door does just that; it slides over tracks. Since there is no door opening and closing, it is a quieter to open. This means that someone can enter through the sliding glass door without being detected. This gives them the chance to enter your home, even when there is someone in the house. Having an alarm on the sliding door will alert you to anyone sliding the door open.

The suggestions provided are very useful and practical. Make sure you remain safe by putting these suggestions to work and maintain your peace-of-mind in knowing that you’ve done all that you can to secure your home.

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